Sumdog Edit

Sumdog is an online game which helps all students to learn reading,writing and maths in the funnest way possible.You can play educating games with users around the world. Earn coins while playing games, then you can use them to buy clothes and decorate your House.With a wide selection of games to play, why wait!


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What Sumdog DoesEdit

Sumdog's free educational games motivate your students to practice math and Reading - while you have full control over what they learn.

Sumdog Games (WIP)Edit

These are the games on Sumdog (as of March 8th, 2014) in alphabetical order:

Alien Invaders (Math and Reading)

Animals (Math and Reading)

Athletics (Math and Reading)

Basketball (Math and Reading)

Bunny Hop (Math and Reading)

Cake Monsters (Math and Reading)

Candy (Writing)

Chef (Math and Reading)

Creeper (Math and Reading)

Disguise (Math and Reading)

Dream Jigsaw (Math and Reading)

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